MiniDCC© - A Digital Command Control Do-It-Yourself Project!

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Programming mode The new Combo PCB PCB shown attached to LCD RJ Connector to booster
Programming mode The new Combo PCB PCB shown attached to LCD RJ Connector to booster

DCC MiniStation© Version 2.0

The MiniStation© has been improved considerably over the years. We have moved to a 28 pin template to allow for added features such as 4 discrete potentiometers for speed control,an RS232/USB link for firmware update as well as Turnouts (Switches) route saving and loading using a PC. The companion MiniBooster© (optional) now provides for CV reading facility as well as complete power shutdown upon Emergency Stops.
The memory assigned to Turnout routes as been increased to double the size available under the old 16F628. An extended Menu offers choice of display (16x2 or 20x4), Keypad or Potentiometer control, saving and retrieving Turnout routes, etc.

DCC MiniBooster©

While the MiniDCC© station can operate with any compatible NMRA booster, the optional MiniBooster© integrates the function of READING as well as WRITING to CVs using the usual NMRA protocol. The LMD1800T is an efficient MosFet bridge, providing up to 3 amps of DCC power with full short circuit and high temperature protection built-in. A double-sided PCB designed by John Zajdler is also available in limited quantity (please write for info). Now you can control up to 4 trains simultaneously, up to 99 different turnouts/switches on 26 different routes (over 240 events) and program all your decoders (Read and Write) using any one of the 3 NMRA standards at a fraction of the cost of a commercial unit!

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New version 2.0 - 16F1938

Firmware Updater/Turnout SAVE and LOAD
v2.0 Schematic
PCB Layout
Parts list

Version 1.0 Schematics (Legacy)

16F628 circuit
16F84A circuit
MiniBooster© circuit

Legacy source code Version 1.0 (16F628) and manuals

Source Code/User Manual


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